Business Officers - March 7, 2006

How to Survive an Audit (Without Really Trying)

Have you ever wondered what the differences are between an audit, a fiscal accountability review, an analyst project, and an investigation? Do you want to avoid making one of the “Top Ten” mistakes identified by auditors? Are you interested in helping bring an investigation in your department to a rapid and successful conclusion? Meet the auditors, and learn to survive an audit, without really trying!

Internal Controls - Under the Microscope

Legislation enacted in the wake of major business scandals has dramatically changed standards of accountability in the general business community and in universities across the nation. The University of Utah is no exception. As never before, internal controls and business officers who are responsible to make them work are “under the microscope.”

What is your role in this? Are your practices likely to come under scrutiny? How can you improve internal control in your department? In this session you’ll learn what is happening behind the scenes and how it affects you.

Internal Control Self-Assessment Checklist

A checklist to facilitate a self-assessment of internal controls by departmental management. It addresses general aspects of internal control and so does not include specific controls which may be needed for individual departments.